Faeriely Odd Witches

Unseen Blessings Of the faerie kind
This morning was my turn to leave the faerie blessing, after a month long celebration!
Well not a day has gone by that I did not sit in my little faerie garden, and listen to the silence and nature around me. Each day I have added trinkets and treasures, a rock or stone here, a figurine, or sea shell, a candle burnt in the night, or a sprinkle of glitter to add some delight. As I sat and wondered what I might leave today, I realized that just my presence was a gift to them, as they are a gift to me. Sights and sounds maybe unheard, but a knowing they are near, perhaps they too know I am here. I listened and watched as a bird sang a silly song, and hopped and danced on the wire near by, I listened to the gentle wind make the tree squeak in tune, the rustle of the leaves, and even the tall grasses joined in. I could hear it all, on this early morning dawn. I noticed every little sight and sound, each dew drop caught on the spider’s web, each new baby toad learning to explore the world around the faerie garden. I was wondering what I loved most, and I just could not decide because each one held its own beauty, its on song and magick, and together they created a whimsical habitat for me to enjoy. A blessing yes in did, today I really felt small compared to it all, but so honored to be a part of it, and knowing we coincide together, each with our own little jobs, our own magickal power, and protection. Blessings unseen, of the faerie kind, healing a mother’s wounded mourning heart, with just a tiny sprout, or whisper on the wind unseen by the eye, but heard heavy with the heart. A month is too short, to celebrate the faerie folk and all they do for us, I’ve decided it’s a path I should follow, to the end of the days, and through each and every season. I wondered what my faerie garden might look like all covered in snow. With its own natural sparkle from each tiny snowflake that has fallen to the ground. I’ve decided to honor them all, each changing season ; faeries from the earth, the air, the water and fire,
even from the stars above!
I honor them all!
Faeriely Odd Witches

The Fairy Ring

Margaret E. Johnson
Beneath the pussy-willow tree,
I found a fairy ring.
A ring of tiny toadstools,
Where fairies dance and sing.

I've heard that on a moonlit night,
Or on a sunny day,
The fairies come to dance and sing,
And make up games to play.

So if you find a fairy ring,
While playing out of doors,
Be very careful where you step,
For magic can be yours.

Now if you catch a Leprechaun,
And if you hold him tight,
He'll buy his freedom with a wish,
So wish with all your might.

And then you let him go again
To wend his merry way.
Be sure to watch for fairy rings
When you go out to play.

This is a sweet poem I found. I read an article that said the woman who wrote this had Alzheimers. She was found shredding her poems and this is one of the 17 that were saved. I just felt I had to share that part of the story.


Faeriely Odd Witches

I woke to a fairy ring in the back yard Look who came to visit! I have a strange feeling my little friend traveled with the fairies from Missouri. It's kinda strange that the toad moved out from Mori's toad house and now here he is playing inside a fairy ring at my house the very next day!
I guess Mr. Toad looks a little blurry, oh well :(
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Faeriely Odd Witches

I don't collect many things, but two of my loves are old glass in different shapes and sea shells. I love the vintage glass that can only be found at yard sales. I love this flower shaped plate and tiny tea cup. They always make me think fairy! Also, thinking of water fairies, I wanted to try and find a way to display many of the shells I collected from the Gulf of Mexico. I placed them all in this tall vase and I love how it turned out. My favorite shell is on the tiny tea cup. I've never seen one before. It's gorgeous! I wanted to share this little alter/display area.
Faeriely Odd Witches
Life is good! today we have the most amazing rolling thunder and much cooler weather! I walked outside to enjoy the sights and sounds of a good old fashion summer storm roll in, when I noticed my yard was covered in tiny mushroom, not the huge white cap toadstool types but tiny little mushrooms, so I went in the house to grab my camera, and what do I spy, a tiny tree frog on my kitchen cabinets, now years ago I had one stay the whole summer in my bathroom, I love them so! but my cats spied him as well, so I snatched him up, and thought I'll take him outside to safety!

So I placed him in my faerie garden, and he looked just as happy as could be!the happenings of The morning, remind me that I do indeed live in an enchanted world, if only I slow down and take the time to see!

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Faeriely Odd Witches
Summer Solstice Blessings!
Being a Midwestern country witch, nothing says summer solstice like orange tiger lilies& black eyed Susan's, as well as the amazing beauty of queen Ann's lace.. for my fairy blessing, I picked a few of each, and cut them down to fairy size, placed them in a nice antique red bottle... and placed the queen Ann's lace on the opening to the doorway to the Fae. I'm so excited to see how my fairy garden is growing, I even have this amazing toad who moved right into my toad house, its the first time ever I've had a toad move in, so thats exciting and magickal to me. I've moved my fairy garden to under my favorite sacred tree, and this simple act was healing for me. it feels so much more magickal and at home there. every day I go there to sit and read, or enjoy the summer winds, and each day I bring a small token, to thank the area for its peace and healing. even if its just a tiny object to hang on a branch or a new rock, or a bit of glitter... the minute I enter that area, I am enchanted by the faeries, and I feel magick all around me.
Faeriely Odd Witches

Wishing you a happy , joyous, sparkling Summer Solstice filled with prosperity and fairy blessings!
Faeriely Odd Witches

It's so rainy here, it's really hard to get outside and frolic with the fairies. I'm trying to do little things, but outdoors is just mud and muck! So, I'm thinking I need to find a way to make the water sprites a little more happy and maybe they will give us a break. This picture is of the reservoir across the street from me. I drove over here, because you really aren't supposed to be walking around the water supply so much. It's always a peaceful drive over to the other side. I found this little way to honor the sprites that I saved and this is what I did-

Honor the deities of the sea by tossing bread crumbs into any natural body of water at dawn or sunset. Their blessing will be returned to you threefold.

Simple magick, the very best kind!

Faeriely Odd Witches

Wild Fire Faeries,

Wild fire faeries, dancing all in a row,
Hiding amongst the wild flowers all aglow
Oh the secrets of the forest you must know
And blessing to my eyes you bestow
For allowing me to see,
You dancing oh so free
In the summer breeze
With your pretty red dresses all a tease
Accept this tiny offering if you please

Is it your brother that I see?
Lighting up the night sky
With his twinkling show,
Or maybe it’s your beau?
Oh your secrets safe with me
I’ll hide in my heart’s memory box
And throw away the key!
Mor`Inanna Eaglesong © June 2009

Faeriely Odd Witches

These wild columbine are growing all over the forests here. I just love them. The fairies have to love them too, they are filled with a sweet nectar, we used to nibble when we were young. I think they are little flower fairies in disguise. I have found a candle spell that I'll be doing for the fire fairies. I'm pretty exciting to be working with the fire fairies. It has made my imagination work a little harder. This spell is taken from Spell a day.

Flower faeries, please bring me
Happiness, joy, and divine blessings.
Now gaze into the candlelight, and imagine being in a magical flower
garden, surrounded by helpful flower faeries. The fragrant and
colorful faeries give you magical gifts and bring joy and happiness
to your very soul. Enjoy your adventure in the magical flower garden
for a while, and then turn your mind to the candlelight. Say:
Thank you for your divine gifts blessed fae, blessed be!
Snuff out the candle. Relight it
every night for three nights, and allow it to safely burn for at
least thirty minutes. On the third night, allow the candle to
safely burn down..Sirona Knight

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Faeriely Odd Witches

I decided after all the high winds and storms, that the Air faeries must have arrived, to aplease them I decided to make something light & Airy, and add a bit of color to the garden as well....
I used a simple fairy wing pattern only much much smaller, added a little bit of this, a little of this color ribbon and that and few butterflies.. and suddenly there it was my very own garden fairy wand.
Faeriely Odd Witches

I decided once a week I would do some fun fairy cooking. Last night I made Italian Ricotta cookies. They look perfect for any fairy and just as delicious! They have a hint of lemon and taste kinda creamy cake like. They are my son's favorite and remind me of the ones you can find in Little Italy. So, we'll be loving these for awhile since they make quite a few. I'm sure the fae will love having a few too. Maybe I'll leave some to the Monaci della Montagna, little men in the Italian caves.

1/2 lb. butter
2 c. sugar
1/2 tsp. salt
1 lb. Ricotta
2 eggs
1 tsp. vanilla
4 1/2 c. flour
1 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp. baking soda
Cream butter; add sugar and continue creaming. Add egg and Ricotta and vanilla; beat well. Sift together flour, baking powder and baking soda, salt; add to batter.

Drop about a teaspoon of dough on ungreased baking sheet. Bake at 350 degree oven about 10 minutes until edges are lightly browned. Cool.

2 c. confectionery sugar
1/4 c. butter
3 tbsp. milk
1/2 tsp. vanilla
1 tsp. lemon juice

Mix well, dip each cooled cookie into frosting and sprinkle with sprinkles.

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Faeriely Odd Witches

I went strawberry picking like I had hoped to. I had never been to this farm. "Rose Hill". I turned off the main road onto this road and just had to stop. The big old trees growing on each side of the dirt road forming a canopy over head just took my breath away. This has to be filled with frolicking fairies!
You can see I had a good turn out. I went home and made 19 jars of strawberry jam, each one mixed with fairy blessings and a pinch of prosperity
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Faeriely Odd Witches

I took a tiny basket, and filled with all things wild and small, tiny grains and grasses that normally grow so tall, cut them down to fairy size, and suddenly they became tiny wild treasures,
a tiny fallen feather, mulberries just the right size, a baby pine cone, makes for the perfect fit, along with pine needles, filled it to the brim with lavendar buds and whole cloves, to give it a nice fresh scent! i'm sure the faeries will love it, and it will set their little faces all a glow!
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Faeriely Odd Witches
Hanging on my outdoor candle chandelier,
Right above my faerie garden,
Just as pretty as he pleases,
Blowing in the breezes,
Like riding a fabulous swing
Just relaxing and being free
I look up and
A toad was looking back at me
My new totem of the summer
I have seen and found them everywhere!
But this one was different, and small in size
Could it be…
A faerie inside
Glamour of the Fae,
Adds a bit of simple magick to my day!
Faeriely Odd Witches

Celebrating the Strawberry Full Moon!

Full Moon Blessings coming your way! I cut up these berries and they are almost too beautiful to eat. It reminded me that this weekend we have our strawberry full moon. I'm thinking I'll see what I can come up with as far as all things strawberry! I'm sure the fae will be more than happy to join in with me for this venture! I'll start the day mixing up these berries into a yummy enchanted potion!

Enchanted Berries

3 cups mixed berries
A pinch of lemon balm for happiness
A pinch of cinnamon for wealth
A dollop of whipped cream, yogurt or what ever creamy topping you can find for fairy magick.

Mix first 3 ingredients together, let sit for a few minutes. Add a dollop of cream on top and enjoy! Just don't forget to leave a small bowl for your fairy friends!

Maybe I should go berry picking...

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Faeriely Odd Witches
Today as I search for some faerie inspiration,
I stumble across the most magickal site
A Flawless Recipe for Magic...
this has truly awakened the the little girl in me,
due to the fact that I happen to live in the country,
where no one really cares what one does..
I think I'll get busy, with my daughter { misty now 15}
and create a magickal healing room outside where we can
play and read...
and just heal from the tragedies of the past few months
so for those who have not yet found this magickal post....
follow me to the land of imagination
and allow your spirit to run wild!

Faeriely Odd Witches
Earth faeries
Healers & protectors of the earth,
And those who dwell within the hearth
Undoing damage we humans have done
Bring to me some fun
Faeries of the forest
Faeries of the flowers,
Those with healing magickal powers
Garden nymphs and gnomes,
Pixies and those who just roam
Paint for me a picture
Full of color & wild flowers
Take from me my sorrow,
And let me see the rainbow of tomorrow

Sleeping in a bed of roses,
Do dandelion puffs tickle your noses?
Shades of purple
Hues of greens and blues
Oh what a wonderful world full of views

Swinging on tree branches
Dancing in the brambles
Rolling in the meadows
Oh how you scramble
When people come

But what a blessing it is to see
You running so free
And the footprints you left for me

Mor`Inanna Eaglesong© June 5th 2009
Faeriely Odd Witches
In Honor of a month long Celebrations of faeries!
the month of june!
Hear ye Hear ye
Faeries from near & far
Come to where we are!
From the land & from the sea
Even dancing on a star!
We welcome you to our celebrations
Help us with our fun creations!
And please accept our small donations
Bless us with your laughter
Bless us with your cheer
And maybe for just a moment
To us you will appear
Please know our gratitude and thanks
Are truly simple & sincere
For this month we honor thee
Wth glee
Mor`Inanna Eaglesong © June 1st 2009