Faeriely Odd Witches
Summer Solstice Blessings!
Being a Midwestern country witch, nothing says summer solstice like orange tiger lilies& black eyed Susan's, as well as the amazing beauty of queen Ann's lace.. for my fairy blessing, I picked a few of each, and cut them down to fairy size, placed them in a nice antique red bottle... and placed the queen Ann's lace on the opening to the doorway to the Fae. I'm so excited to see how my fairy garden is growing, I even have this amazing toad who moved right into my toad house, its the first time ever I've had a toad move in, so thats exciting and magickal to me. I've moved my fairy garden to under my favorite sacred tree, and this simple act was healing for me. it feels so much more magickal and at home there. every day I go there to sit and read, or enjoy the summer winds, and each day I bring a small token, to thank the area for its peace and healing. even if its just a tiny object to hang on a branch or a new rock, or a bit of glitter... the minute I enter that area, I am enchanted by the faeries, and I feel magick all around me.
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