Faeriely Odd Witches
Life is good! today we have the most amazing rolling thunder and much cooler weather! I walked outside to enjoy the sights and sounds of a good old fashion summer storm roll in, when I noticed my yard was covered in tiny mushroom, not the huge white cap toadstool types but tiny little mushrooms, so I went in the house to grab my camera, and what do I spy, a tiny tree frog on my kitchen cabinets, now years ago I had one stay the whole summer in my bathroom, I love them so! but my cats spied him as well, so I snatched him up, and thought I'll take him outside to safety!

So I placed him in my faerie garden, and he looked just as happy as could be!the happenings of The morning, remind me that I do indeed live in an enchanted world, if only I slow down and take the time to see!

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