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I'm excited because there are some fun events coming up in a couple days that we are participating in!! The October Blog Party and of course The Boobiethon! Join in!! They will all be great fun! Be sure to join us!!
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Faeriely Odd Witches

We went apple picking and the weather was gorgeous. The sky was amazing. My sister and I went with all our kids. We nibbled along the way, picked raspberries, tons of apples and pumpkins too! We have the day off from school today, so I'm hoping to make some candy apples!

I went to one of my favorite sites for herbs and found this info on apples-

Apples may be incorporated into any ritual in which one wishes to give honor to a god or goddess of fertility. Dried seeds and bark may be powdered and burned as incense. Apples may be eaten, or the juice shared in the ritual cup when seeking knowledge through the Tree of Life, an act requesting wisdom from the deities. The Apple may also be used as a symbol of security. Apples are often associated with good luck. (If you cut an Apple in half horizontally and look where the seed cavity is you'll see it produces a five pointed star) The Apple is believed to improve one's spirits and elevate one's happiness.

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Faeriely Odd Witches

I found this simple autumn magick, the leaves are really beginning to change here already! It's been hard to catch up here, I went back to work, since I work in a school and then football practice started. Practice 4 times a week! Running.... It will slow down soon.....

Autumn Leaf Magick
In the fall, write a secret wish upon a fallen leaf. Choose a leaf with red colors for a wish pertaining to matters of love, sex, passion, or health. A gold-colored leaf for wishes involving money, a brown one for protection, a purple one for healing, an orange one for energy, a yellow one for confidence, attraction, or persuasion, a green one for fertility, success, or good luck.

Fold the leaf in half, or roll it up and seel it with a kiss. Using the flame of a white candle set the leaf on fire. As it burns, visualize your wish comming true for you.

Faeriely Odd Witches

Cinnamon Vanilla Mabon Alter candle
Items needed;
Large vanilla candle
Dozen or more cinnamon sticks
You will also need several yards of thin natural green vine, such as the remaining vines of morning glory, or moon flowers.

Strip the leaves from the thin vine; begin by soaking the cinnamon sticks in warm water for a few minutes. This softens them up and opens up the curled ends so you can easily slip the vines through them. Save the warm cinnamon water for our next project!
Start by lacing and weaving the vine in and out of the cinnamon stick opens to form a small fence of cinnamon sticks big enough to go around your candle.
Once the cinnamon sticks are large enough to fit around your candle, wrap around the vanilla candle, and tie off with a piece of natural jute.
The candle is a wonderful affordable addition to your a Mabon Alter.
As the candle burns you’ll get the added pleasure of a nice scent of vanilla cinnamon.

Cinnamon Scented spell Paper

Items needed:
Cinnamon water
Tea bags

Heat the remaining water, that you used to soak the cinnamon sticks in, place bowl in microwave for a couple seconds until very warm, add your favorite tea bag, and place pieces of paper into the bowl.

Allow the paper to soak for about 30 minutes or until desired tint is reached. Then remove and dry flat, it will have a wonderful cinnamon scent that last for months, and is perfect for your BOS, or spell writing needs.
Mabon Blessings ~Mori~
Faeriely Odd Witches

Stand out under the new moon and tell the universe your wishes. Keep track and see what comes true! I also throw an offering of a few silver coins to the moon as an offering with wishes for the money to grow!
Faeriely Odd Witches

Using the last of the harvest.
To use up the remaining herbs from your garden, try making herbal honey,
Simmer the honey until warmed, place herbs of lemon balm, lavender, or other combinations, in a sterile canning jar, cover with warm honey and allow to sit on your alter, for one full moon cycle. Strain the herbs, and enjoy a new flavored twist to teas and toast.
You can also reuse old wine bottles, to make any combination of herbal vinaigrettes.
Clean and remove labels, add combinations like garlic and rosemary, fill to the top with apple cider vinegar and cork remember not to use metal lids!
They taste great and look fabulous sitting on your alter.
As a general rule I leave them on my alter for one full moon cycle, after using just refill with vinegar to make more
Blessings Mori`
Faeriely Odd Witches

Happy Birthday wishes to carol...
may your day be filled with love & Light~!
Blessings Mori`
Faeriely Odd Witches

Blessings to all families affected by the events of 9/11. Always remember them in your heart.
I like to take this day to do some personal protection magick. I think I'll do a quick smudging later and hang a new blackberry bramble over my doorway.
Faeriely Odd Witches
Rosemary Lavender face scrub
1 cup of oats
1 tablespoon of each of the following herbs;
Rose petals
Lavender flowers

In your blender chop all ingredients, heat oven to lowest possible setting, then turn the oven off, spread the chopped dry ingredients onto a cookie sheet and heat for about 7-10 minutes,
Place into sterile jar with lid.
To use, add a pinch to the palm of your hand, add enough water to make a moist scrub, scrub face allow to remain on face for a few minutes, then rinse with warm water.
Faeriely Odd Witches

Magickal Spell work for Mabon
Mabon, the fall equinox, is a time for balancing all things, finding balance between light and dark, male and female, and other things in your life. It’s a wonderful time to begin to adjust your energy levels with that of the mother earth, we are coming into a time of rest, and change is among us. That can take some adjusting of your personal energy level, during the summer months we find ourselves full of outside energy, spending much time walking the woods, gardening, and doing fun summer activities, we now need to focus on a more inner approach. This sometimes can mean spending more time working on self then others. More time spent in the kitchen, and crafting.
It’s also a wonderful time for a little wish magick; a simple little spell we like to do is;
The first fall leaf
Items needed;
A windy autumn day,
A wish for self or others
A marker or quill pen and ink
And a brightly colored fall leaf.

Find a colored leaf that matches your wish, for example; deep shades of red can be used for love magick, or sending love to someone far away, if your wish is for prosperity choose a golden color, to become more grounded and centered choose a brown shade. Use your imagination and see what the colors of leaves you find remind you of. When you have selected your leaf, take a quill pen and ink or an everyday marker, and write a simple wish on the leaf, or the person to which you wish to send love. Choose from the sample sayings or write your own, take your wish leaf outside, and check the wind direction you will want to stand where the leaf will be carried away from your home, repeat your saying and release the leaf high into the wind, don’t worry if the leaf only travels a short distance, the winds will pick up and carry your wish along with time.

The Red Leaf of Love
With this leaf of ruby red,
Carry my love embed,
Travel on the autumn winds that blow,
So my love you will fully know.
.I wish For Prosperity
With this leaf of golden hues,
Money I will not abuse,
From harm to none
It will come,
Prosperity for my family now become,

Brown Leaf grounding
With this leaf of Earthly brown,
Energy now surrounds,
As the winds toss it round and round,
My own energy now I can ground,
Solid set my feet below, slowly allowing energy to flow,
Roots I plant, to firmly grow,
Energy I will release safe and slow.
Mabon Blessings Mori`
Faeriely Odd Witches

Apple Salsa

2 medium red apples
2 tablespoons lime juice
1/2 cup finely chopped onions
1/2 cup finely chopped green pepper
1 finely chopped jalapeno pepper
1 clove garlic, minced
2 tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro
1 tablespoon cider vinegar
1 teaspoon olive oil
Core and dice Apples into 1/4 inch pieces.
Toss immediately with lime juice.
Stir in remaining ingredients. Chill 2 hours before serving over fish, chicken
Or turkey.
or for us vegetarians: use as a dip or on pita bread!

Blessings Mori`
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Faeriely Odd Witches
I was looking for a recipe to make sangria and added some fall fruit. I'm making it to sit for a few hours for our Labor Day Celebration. Mabon is coming though.....

Autumn Sangria

2 bottles sangria, like Yago
1/2 cup Brandy
1 orange, washed, sliced in rounds
1 lime, washed, sliced
1 lemon, washed, sliced
1 pear, washed, sliced
1 nectarine , chopped

Pour all into a glass pitcher and let sit 3-4 hours in the refridgerator
You can add a little diet sprite or seltzer also.


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Faeriely Odd Witches
At this time of the harvest, under the light of the moon
I ask the faeries wisdom hear this witches tune,
open my eyes and show me thy ways
that I may use this knowledge to the good each and every day.

After reciting this during the full moon, watch for fairy gifts. Gifts can come in many forms and are different for everyone.

Faeriely Odd Witches
Changes~ autumn is near
Long before the leaves change to their beautiful shades of golden browns, orange and wine colors; nature has a way of showing us change is near. The butterflies that flock into the fields here are all beautiful shades of fall colors, yellows, browns and orange fluttering along on the wind. Spiral dances of love, you can sit and watch pairs of monarch butterflies painted with beautiful fall colors, spinning higher and higher in the air, in an amazing spiral dance. It’s such an amazing feeling to walk into the middle of the alfalfa fields , and be joined by hundreds of spiraling butterflies, I love to spin and turn and join them in their spiral dance of love. The last of the fall flowers are blooming marigolds and mums, in all shades, the last of the wild flowers in the field even sport their beautiful fall paint. The morning and evening air is turning cooler and darkness falls upon us earlier and earlier, but in the afternoon’s we are still blessed with the heat of the day, and can enjoy what I call the Missouri Indian summer. This is just the beginning of the changes the Mother Earth goes through, the last of her wonderful birth of growth,
with the fall harvest of her bounties upon us. Late October for us, is the heart of autumn, with Indian corn, pumpkins and gourds, and many things people truly symbolize as fall changes. The change of the seasons is much like the changes in our own life, when one learns to see the beauty in the smallest changes, the shades of color, the hint of things to come, things become more in tune. Balance and harmony falls into place, and we truly become one with the Earth Mother. We sometimes miss those little changes, those little hints of newly formed colors, that are happening in our own life, and before we know it change is upon us, leaving us with a feeling of where’d that come from. All changes happen for a reason, or a season I was once told, and this has become my own truth, I now watch for the slightest hint of color, the tiny change in the cricket’s song, the thickness of animal’s fur, and I find such beauty in it all. Embracing all life has to offer, from the smallest changes to the large full blown new paint job the Earth creates this time of year. We are now entering a time of inner silence, inner reflections, and a time for closeness of family and friends, a time of listening.
For me on a personal level, this is my time of giving thanks, “the Witch’s Thanksgiving.” I prepare myself and family for the coldness of winter, by stocking up on things, making sure our needs are met and we’ll have plenty to make it through another cold winters sleep. There was a time when this time of year was filled with sadness for the winter approaching, but as I grow older with age, I have learned to welcome change, in all forms, colors and shapes. I no longer allow the mourning of things passing, to fill my days, I live in the beauty for this very moment in time, I give thanks for all this past year has given me, the happy moments, the sadness and sorrow, lessons and my own spiritual growth. I can see how my own life cycles have become in balance with the Earth Mother, and I accept each new cycle with excitement and love for the beauty that surrounds. Long before the change arrives, take a look around your own life and home, learn to see the early signs of change, in the tiny thoughts that drift through your mind, the smallest of things that catch your eye, learn to honor those changes, and fill your life with magick and love.

Mor`Inanna Eaglesong © Sept. 2005