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We went apple picking and the weather was gorgeous. The sky was amazing. My sister and I went with all our kids. We nibbled along the way, picked raspberries, tons of apples and pumpkins too! We have the day off from school today, so I'm hoping to make some candy apples!

I went to one of my favorite sites for herbs and found this info on apples-

Apples may be incorporated into any ritual in which one wishes to give honor to a god or goddess of fertility. Dried seeds and bark may be powdered and burned as incense. Apples may be eaten, or the juice shared in the ritual cup when seeking knowledge through the Tree of Life, an act requesting wisdom from the deities. The Apple may also be used as a symbol of security. Apples are often associated with good luck. (If you cut an Apple in half horizontally and look where the seed cavity is you'll see it produces a five pointed star) The Apple is believed to improve one's spirits and elevate one's happiness.

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  1. Mother Moon Says:

    what a lovely autumn activity... it is such a wonderful time of the year..

  2. Sounds wonderful! I used to go apple picking on Long Island.

  3. Bridgett Says:

    Awww...what a lovely day!


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