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I found this simple autumn magick, the leaves are really beginning to change here already! It's been hard to catch up here, I went back to work, since I work in a school and then football practice started. Practice 4 times a week! Running.... It will slow down soon.....

Autumn Leaf Magick
In the fall, write a secret wish upon a fallen leaf. Choose a leaf with red colors for a wish pertaining to matters of love, sex, passion, or health. A gold-colored leaf for wishes involving money, a brown one for protection, a purple one for healing, an orange one for energy, a yellow one for confidence, attraction, or persuasion, a green one for fertility, success, or good luck.

Fold the leaf in half, or roll it up and seel it with a kiss. Using the flame of a white candle set the leaf on fire. As it burns, visualize your wish comming true for you.

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  1. Mother Moon Says:

    I love the changing colors.... autumns flowers

  2. This is wonderful. Thanks, I think I'll try it!

  3. Jen Says:


    Just stopped to let you know I nominated you for an Award! It's located on my Confessions of a Kitchen Witch Blog!!

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