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Magickal Spell work for Mabon
Mabon, the fall equinox, is a time for balancing all things, finding balance between light and dark, male and female, and other things in your life. It’s a wonderful time to begin to adjust your energy levels with that of the mother earth, we are coming into a time of rest, and change is among us. That can take some adjusting of your personal energy level, during the summer months we find ourselves full of outside energy, spending much time walking the woods, gardening, and doing fun summer activities, we now need to focus on a more inner approach. This sometimes can mean spending more time working on self then others. More time spent in the kitchen, and crafting.
It’s also a wonderful time for a little wish magick; a simple little spell we like to do is;
The first fall leaf
Items needed;
A windy autumn day,
A wish for self or others
A marker or quill pen and ink
And a brightly colored fall leaf.

Find a colored leaf that matches your wish, for example; deep shades of red can be used for love magick, or sending love to someone far away, if your wish is for prosperity choose a golden color, to become more grounded and centered choose a brown shade. Use your imagination and see what the colors of leaves you find remind you of. When you have selected your leaf, take a quill pen and ink or an everyday marker, and write a simple wish on the leaf, or the person to which you wish to send love. Choose from the sample sayings or write your own, take your wish leaf outside, and check the wind direction you will want to stand where the leaf will be carried away from your home, repeat your saying and release the leaf high into the wind, don’t worry if the leaf only travels a short distance, the winds will pick up and carry your wish along with time.

The Red Leaf of Love
With this leaf of ruby red,
Carry my love embed,
Travel on the autumn winds that blow,
So my love you will fully know.
.I wish For Prosperity
With this leaf of golden hues,
Money I will not abuse,
From harm to none
It will come,
Prosperity for my family now become,

Brown Leaf grounding
With this leaf of Earthly brown,
Energy now surrounds,
As the winds toss it round and round,
My own energy now I can ground,
Solid set my feet below, slowly allowing energy to flow,
Roots I plant, to firmly grow,
Energy I will release safe and slow.
Mabon Blessings Mori`
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  1. Judith Says:

    wonderful spell!!! You know I'm going to borrow it for myself. thanks for sharing!! :)

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