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Celebrating the Strawberry Full Moon!

Full Moon Blessings coming your way! I cut up these berries and they are almost too beautiful to eat. It reminded me that this weekend we have our strawberry full moon. I'm thinking I'll see what I can come up with as far as all things strawberry! I'm sure the fae will be more than happy to join in with me for this venture! I'll start the day mixing up these berries into a yummy enchanted potion!

Enchanted Berries

3 cups mixed berries
A pinch of lemon balm for happiness
A pinch of cinnamon for wealth
A dollop of whipped cream, yogurt or what ever creamy topping you can find for fairy magick.

Mix first 3 ingredients together, let sit for a few minutes. Add a dollop of cream on top and enjoy! Just don't forget to leave a small bowl for your fairy friends!

Maybe I should go berry picking...

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