Faeriely Odd Witches
Earth faeries
Healers & protectors of the earth,
And those who dwell within the hearth
Undoing damage we humans have done
Bring to me some fun
Faeries of the forest
Faeries of the flowers,
Those with healing magickal powers
Garden nymphs and gnomes,
Pixies and those who just roam
Paint for me a picture
Full of color & wild flowers
Take from me my sorrow,
And let me see the rainbow of tomorrow

Sleeping in a bed of roses,
Do dandelion puffs tickle your noses?
Shades of purple
Hues of greens and blues
Oh what a wonderful world full of views

Swinging on tree branches
Dancing in the brambles
Rolling in the meadows
Oh how you scramble
When people come

But what a blessing it is to see
You running so free
And the footprints you left for me

Mor`Inanna Eaglesong© June 5th 2009
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