Faeriely Odd Witches

Unseen Blessings Of the faerie kind
This morning was my turn to leave the faerie blessing, after a month long celebration!
Well not a day has gone by that I did not sit in my little faerie garden, and listen to the silence and nature around me. Each day I have added trinkets and treasures, a rock or stone here, a figurine, or sea shell, a candle burnt in the night, or a sprinkle of glitter to add some delight. As I sat and wondered what I might leave today, I realized that just my presence was a gift to them, as they are a gift to me. Sights and sounds maybe unheard, but a knowing they are near, perhaps they too know I am here. I listened and watched as a bird sang a silly song, and hopped and danced on the wire near by, I listened to the gentle wind make the tree squeak in tune, the rustle of the leaves, and even the tall grasses joined in. I could hear it all, on this early morning dawn. I noticed every little sight and sound, each dew drop caught on the spider’s web, each new baby toad learning to explore the world around the faerie garden. I was wondering what I loved most, and I just could not decide because each one held its own beauty, its on song and magick, and together they created a whimsical habitat for me to enjoy. A blessing yes in did, today I really felt small compared to it all, but so honored to be a part of it, and knowing we coincide together, each with our own little jobs, our own magickal power, and protection. Blessings unseen, of the faerie kind, healing a mother’s wounded mourning heart, with just a tiny sprout, or whisper on the wind unseen by the eye, but heard heavy with the heart. A month is too short, to celebrate the faerie folk and all they do for us, I’ve decided it’s a path I should follow, to the end of the days, and through each and every season. I wondered what my faerie garden might look like all covered in snow. With its own natural sparkle from each tiny snowflake that has fallen to the ground. I’ve decided to honor them all, each changing season ; faeries from the earth, the air, the water and fire,
even from the stars above!
I honor them all!
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