Faeriely Odd Witches

The Fairy Ring

Margaret E. Johnson
Beneath the pussy-willow tree,
I found a fairy ring.
A ring of tiny toadstools,
Where fairies dance and sing.

I've heard that on a moonlit night,
Or on a sunny day,
The fairies come to dance and sing,
And make up games to play.

So if you find a fairy ring,
While playing out of doors,
Be very careful where you step,
For magic can be yours.

Now if you catch a Leprechaun,
And if you hold him tight,
He'll buy his freedom with a wish,
So wish with all your might.

And then you let him go again
To wend his merry way.
Be sure to watch for fairy rings
When you go out to play.

This is a sweet poem I found. I read an article that said the woman who wrote this had Alzheimers. She was found shredding her poems and this is one of the 17 that were saved. I just felt I had to share that part of the story.


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