Faeriely Odd Witches

These wild columbine are growing all over the forests here. I just love them. The fairies have to love them too, they are filled with a sweet nectar, we used to nibble when we were young. I think they are little flower fairies in disguise. I have found a candle spell that I'll be doing for the fire fairies. I'm pretty exciting to be working with the fire fairies. It has made my imagination work a little harder. This spell is taken from Spell a day.

Flower faeries, please bring me
Happiness, joy, and divine blessings.
Now gaze into the candlelight, and imagine being in a magical flower
garden, surrounded by helpful flower faeries. The fragrant and
colorful faeries give you magical gifts and bring joy and happiness
to your very soul. Enjoy your adventure in the magical flower garden
for a while, and then turn your mind to the candlelight. Say:
Thank you for your divine gifts blessed fae, blessed be!
Snuff out the candle. Relight it
every night for three nights, and allow it to safely burn for at
least thirty minutes. On the third night, allow the candle to
safely burn down..Sirona Knight

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