Faeriely Odd Witches

Goldenrod Spell for Wealth

When the noble goldenrod raises its head,
Cut three stems and bind them with golden thread.
Do this before autumn leaves begin to fly,
And hang them from a beam or rafter to dry.
When they can be
crumbled in your hand,
Mix them with earth and sand.
And one evening when the Moon is round,
Sprinkle this magical blend upon the ground.
Before the Wheel of the Year turns again
Abundance and wealth will fill your hand.

I'm going to try this fun and simple spell I just found. It's not my favorite wild flower but it is so abundant right now. When I was growing up, my aunt was so allergic to it, we weren't allowed to touch it! I'm glad to find this spell and will be harvesting some today, It's right at the back of my yard.
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