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These flowers are growing like crazy all along the road side here in upstate-ish NY. I always loved chicory, it's one of my favorite colors ever. I always read about it being a coffee substitute but never went that far. I think i'll collect some to store for magickal uses for now

Magickal Uses:

Chicory is a good herb to use when one is seeking to remove negativity and obstacles in the energy flow. This herb may be integrated into healing and Magick in order to promote a more positive outlook on life, and to improve one's sense of humor. Place the fresh flowers on your altar or burn Chicory as an incense.

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  1. I've heard of chicory a million times, but no clue what it looks like. Thank you for sharing!!!

  2. Oh I love the sight of chickory growing all along the roads here! I also haven't done the chickory coffee, I think its made from the root, but always save some for magickal use as well.. awesome post! ~ Mori~

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