Faeriely Odd Witches
I started this spring with an idea, and a memorial spot for my son, his picture has been moved to the side of the road, the sight of his death, but in its place, magick has grown! today I added the tiny faerie clothes line, and tiny natural faerie hut, as well the hanging natural basket, I thought it would make the perfect faerie nursery!
to the back you can see my low level watering hole, made from a old no longer needed satelite dish! painted and filled with shells

this was an old iron photo frame, one of this week-ends garage sale finds! I took green hemp string and filled the back where the picture goes with a spiderweb creating a faerie gateway! added some little rag ribbons and there's my new faerie bench for the edge of the garden!

This shows just how much the garden has grown under my sacred tree!, I'm collecting things as I go along, rocks here and there that I find, lots of goodies to many to speak of of, hidden in every nook and cranny!



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  1. Mori,

    This is absolutely wonderful! What a wonderful way to remember your son. My heart goes out to you for your loss. Thank you for sharing.

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