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I can't believe how time flies! Lammas is here in less than 2 weeks! How will you celebrate? I read lists of activities and some are just too Autumn-y for me. So, here is my list of activities, that I hope to accomplish. Some of them I already have!

Gather flowers and leave them as an offering to the sun god, or the fairies.
Go berry picking
Enjoy farm stand veggies
Bonfire cooking
Catch fire flies
Make a corn dolly
Have a magical picnic and break bread with friends.
Leave bread offering
Continue fairy work
Bake bread- possibly spell bread or wish bread
Lammas ritual and blessings
Do prosperity magic.
Decorate the altar and house.
Gather and dry herbs, flower, grains or seeds for spellwork
Corn on the cob- tons of it
Make magickal oils and vinegars with fresh herbs
Make magickal jam
Make a corn wheel
Berries- maybe picking
Nature hiking
Margaritas in the afternoon
More beach time
Declutter & donate

What's on your Lammas list? I'll share what I accomplish!

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  1. Mor`Inanna Says:

    I can't believe its only two weeks away, this summer has totally flew by!
    Lammas is my youngest son's b-day, & the day my daughter comes home from grandpa's, I totally agree we to early for the feelings of fall, as here we have a blast of summer heat still to come, I will focus more on the inner harvest

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