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I've always believed that, part of really being a witch is getting out and about, and enjoying nature. One can only read so many books, or websites, but the real learning comes from living, living the life of a witch. By experience! Nature alone is a wonderful teacher, listen to her gentle messages, and she will fill your heart with faith that magick is all around.

Last night along with the joy of watching the great blue heron fish, I also took the time to walk, I found so many treasures, I find it amazing that even though we are hundreds of miles apart, my walk was filled with many of the same treasures as carol's. The sight of cattails, and blackberries, along with fields full of bee balm all a bloom. One of my favorite things of this time of year is the brightly colored black eyed susan!
magickally speaking the black eyed susan is connected to the Sun, and powers of protection!
there are also many legends that go with the wildflowers
The Legend of Black-eyed Susan and Sweet William(Rudbeckia hirta and Dianthus barbatus) These two much-loved wildflowers have a romantic legend in common, told in an old English poem by John Gay: “All in the downs the fleet was moored, banners waving in the wind. When Black-eyed Susan came aboard, and eyed the burly men. ‘Tell me ye sailors, tell me true, if my Sweet William sails with you.’” This search for Sweet William is one of the all-time favorite wildflower legends, and good gardeners always note that these two species are both biennials, bloom at exactly the same time, and look lovely together.

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  1. Unknown Says:

    I LOVE this. I was taken by a field of black eyed susans last night too! My grandpa used to call me the black eyed kid when I was little because I have very dark brown, almost black eyes. The flower always makes me think of him in a round about way

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