Faeriely Odd Witches

Last night we went to the lake for my husband to do some fishing, and for me to spend some quiet time, watching nature. I spied a great blue heron, fishing along side the bank. it was amazing! I took a ton of pictures, and he allowed me to get really close without a worry in the world as he went about his evening meal.
I always take those precious moments in life, ans signs and messages.
so I look up some heron information.
I found the following:
The heron is part of the family of birds known as "waders". They live and feed in marshlands and in shallow waters, and are often confused with cranes and storks. The heron carries a strong message, and it takes a very special person to live with heron medicine.
You are strong and aggressive, determine your own course in life and rely upon yourself. You find a comfortable balance in the "shifting sands" of life for you are able to see opportunity where many would not look twice. You know what is best for you, and have the courage to follow your own path.
You are a person who does not need the security of a 9 to 5 job, pension plan, group insurance and the assurance that every day will be the same. You are one of those rare breeds that can live on the razor's edge of life, and have an in-born instinct about what will and what won't work for you. You are happiest when you are exploring many things, learning many skills, and are often known as a "jack of all trades". While this may give the impression that you are flighty and irresponsible, quite the opposite is true. If one thing fails you, you have an assortment of knowledge and skills to fall back on. You are never without, and adapt into new working situations with ease.
While you enjoy a social life, it is not a necessary part of your existence for you are quite at home alone, with your own thoughts and devices
to read the rest of the article and information on heron click
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