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We took a short walk on Friday to one of our favorite swimming holes. It was a little on the too cold side, but it was a nice break. On the way back up the trail. I noticed Indian Pipe growing. I always thought this was so cool! I always thought it was a fungus too, but it is actually a flower. It is known by so many names that I had a difficult time finding much magickal information on it. I found the most info by one of it's names- elecampane here ( The site is difficult to read though) and here.
You can read it below-

Elecampane is magickally used for banishing and to dispel angry or violent vibrations. Associated with elves. Use in a sachet to attract love or in incense to purify initiates. Strong association with the Elven world and Tarot. Useful for baby blessings. Hide a sachet of elecampane or sprinkle it around doorways to keep out bad vibrations. Ground together with vervain and mistletoe for a powerful love powder.

Worn, elecampane attracts love- Sew up some of the leaves or flowers in pink cloth, or make a sachet. It is also carried for protection, and the herb smoldered on charcoal aids in sharpening psychic powers, particularly when scrying.

I also found out the flower is associated with elves, fairies and nature spirits, it can be used in garden and fairy magick. Which I love knowing

As you would guess there is also a Cherokee legend that goes along with the plant. It says where ever you see a grouping, there has been an argument in the past and the indian pipes are to remind us to live in peace.

My favorite names this plant also goes by are- Fairy smoke, elfwort, and Ghosts of summer's woods

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    This is one of the Coolest things I have ever read about what an amazing find!!

  2. Berekynthia Autochthe Says:

    Indian pipe (monotropa uniflora) and elecampane (inula helenium) are two completely different plants with completely different properties.



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