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I was wondering what I'd like to do for Lammas this year, I am just not ready to welcome fall, and I'm really enjoying this summer weather! its so amazingly cool for July. So I decided to make a little treat for the birds to enjoy later on this winter.

Lammas Suet cakes

slightly melted peanut butter
a splash of olive oil
crush cheerios, soy nuts, dried cranberries, and a small amount of crushed egg shells.
mix together,
fill tiny muffin tins, and place in freezer until ready to use.
The birds love them in the midst of the cold winter months,
I also have some left overly well done apples, I think I will slice them and hang up to dry as well.

Lammas Blessings

~ Mori~

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  1. I'm a big bird feeder, and I love to do things like this! I usually do raisins (I let them soak a little first in a bit of water so they aren't so hard), shopped unsalted peanuts (or whatever nuts I have laying around) and all those bits of unsweetened cereal that the kids won't eat, crushed up.

    I usually do them in a washed out paper milk carton,where I can slice them into squares to fit into my suet hanger. I really like the idea of doing them muffin sized though! Maybe stick a straw in the middle to make a hole before they freeze, so you can thread a piece of yarn through for hanging!

    Thanks for sharing this!!

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