Faeriely Odd Witches
We spent some time this weekend at Great Adventure in NJ. WE had so much fun. Rode lots of roller coasters, saw a freak show, met some Zombies! Couldn't have had a better time. But so tired now....
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5 Responses
  1. Rue Says:

    Oh - it that a fountain of blood? Wonderful~!

  2. Bridgett Says:

    Sounds wonderful!
    Is that a fountain of blood? LOL


  3. Yes, It is a fountain of blood! It was very cool! Zombies and vampires were mulling all around it!

  4. Mother Moon Says:

    Nominated your site for the Over the Top Award... head on over to my site for the info.
    Love your blog

  5. Thank you for the award!! How cool!

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