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I'm excited to join in the Halloween Blog fun! I have lots of Halloween images and Samhain spells saved up. I'm going to work on doing some of these in preparation of Samhain and I'm going to try and share them with you as well! I'm going to start off by freshening up the place and clearing the air-

Clearing Your Home Spell

Samhain is almost upon us. The indoor season will soon follow. To prepare for this we should do a clearing, so that stagnant energies cannot build up during the dormant time of the year. Set up a tray with a censer containing sage incense, a bell, and a small bowl with blessed water containing basil. You will also need your besom. Walk through your home in a clockwise manner beginning at the front door and ending at the back. Enter the first room and waft the sage smoke everywhere. Dip your fingers in the water and sprinkle it about. Next, walk the room in a clockwise fashion ringing the bell. Take your besom and sweep any leftover energy to the door saying: “I sweep the bad out, and good remains throughout.”
by: Tammy Sullivan

Samhain Blessings!
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  1. Judith Says:

    Salt is also good, sprinkled arount the outside of each room... visualizing a cool blue flame of protection rising from the salt

  2. Bridgett Says:

    I'm dying to make some smudge sticks...but my white sage is still going nuts growing, so I hate to cut it.


    I'm so protective of my herb babies.


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