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Safe travel charm bag

Creating a charm bag: you can search the web and books, but the magick of a creating a charm bag is selecting personal items, those things that hold great value and meaning to you on a person level. Taking this first step of tapping into your own creativity puts the magick in motion. I like to begin by gathering more supplies then I really need. I’ll lay out a handful of stones & herbs, and then focus on the intentions of the bag. I will then select only those items that speak to me, even if I don’t find them listed on some correspondent list some where else.

For the safe travel bag, I selected the following items:
Blue flannel material; from my daughter’s trip to Ks.
Hematite, turquoise, tiger’s eye; also a gift from my daughter’s trip
A bear charm, as well as a squirrel eating a acorn charm; both gifts from carol, the bear for strength and protection, and the squirrel for keeping animals safe while I drive.
A dried zinnia flower that I planted at the roadside memorial, for emotional strength & protection
Broken glass from my son’s car, protection from my son as well a reminder to drive safe!
A shiny dime that I found { I believe my those are gifts from my son}
Herbs; patchouli, chamomile & lavender for calmness while driving, horehound to keep from getting tickets, sage & black art incense for protection, blessing send incense to bless my old car , and juniper berries from a dear friend I lost a few yrs back.
A power hematite necklace from my daughter-n-law.

I placed the herbs in my mortar & pestle, and grind them together blending their energy with my own and those ancestors who protect me.

I then place the stones in the bag, along with the herbs then tied the bag shut, I put the small charms on the string to the power stone necklace, and then secure it around the bag, leaving enough length of string to hang from my car.

The safe travel bag, gathers strength from the sun, and fills my car with the earthly scent of the herbs and incense, and reminds me when I open the door and get in, that I am protected and aware of my driving, reminding me to always pay attention and drive safe!

Blessings & safe traveling!
~ Mori`~
3 Responses
  1. Rue Says:

    Love this! I empower charms in my car too - you can never be to safe on the road!

  2. Nadya Says:

    I make little 'blessing star' charm dolls - stuffed with dryer lint! - for my kids cars - how lovely to use the incense & stones as well! As you say, the fragrance of the herbs is a good reminder.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    looking for a charm bag for my friend that was killed in a biking accident, to take with him on his journey to heaven

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