Faeriely Odd Witches

Well, the rain storms are coming back, but, honestly, I'm so over this heat wave and do not mind one bit. I think I'll work some rain magick and connect with the fae a little bit and enjoy it!

Crystal water-
To connect with spirits of water, place a quartz crystal in jar of water bless with full moon beams & drink the following morning before sunrise

Rain making spell-
Cut and burn fairy fern leaves to attract rain

Thunderstorm water-
Collect rain water during strong thunderstorms use to break bad luck & deadlocked situations, drink the water & call on storm spirits to bring new insights

Thunderstorm talisman charging-
Charge talismans you have made of oak, ash or hawthorn dedicate in the names of Thor, ehinor, tom Odin, woden, zues, Jupiter during strong storms to encrease their strength

Rainwater protection spell-
Money and other items washed in rain water can not be stolen

Fairy dew-
Sacred, magickal water, collect it from a sacred place, bottle it, keep refrigerated , use it in preparations made by the light of the moon to get fairy sight and astral flight

Dreams & wishes
Sail on paper ships set them sail on fast flowing water, this carries them to the water fairies

Summoning sea spirits
Use a conch shell sounded at dawn or twilight to summon the spirits of the sea to you

Have fun- Carol
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  1. Judith Says:

    Thanks!!!! Really cool idea's. I've made full moon water, but never thought of the ones you've mentioned!!!!

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