Faeriely Odd Witches

Yesterday we took a nice walk at a park on the Hudson River. We had a picnic too! I'm always gathering and collecting while we walk. I guess I need to keep busy!

I found these water chestnuts. I've always collected those since I was little, but called them cow heads. They kinda look like a bull with horns.
I found you can use these as protection if you put them over your doorway. It would be pretty bad if it fell off and you stepped on it though! They are cool to collect and look at. I guess they are bad news though as they are very invasive!

I gathered these rocks too. I loved the long skinny shape of them and brought a bunch home. I wonder what different rock shapes mean. There was a bunch in this shape, too. I wonder how they got this way. I had to take a handful. There used to be brick yards here, so there's lots of bits and pieces of stone and brick scattered about the edge of the river.
Another magickal day...

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  1. Maybe if you hang the cow heads in a small bag over your doorway? Then you don't have to worry about them falling and killing your feet, lol!

    The rocks are awesome! I always collect a rock or two when we go to a beach. I've got a big fishbowl full of "vacation" rocks, shells and sea glass!

  2. I've often thought it would be cool to work up a system for scrying found rocks...these would make it wonderful!

  3. Mrs. b, that's a much better idea. At least some one is thinking! ;)

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