Faeriely Odd Witches

Since we are covered in bug bites and the poison ivy is coming and going, I'm going to whip up some jewel weed potions! This stuff is the best for itches and stings. I thought it was called jewelweed for the flowers. I'm just finding it's name comes from the way the water beads up on the leaves after it rains. It's like the plant doesn't get wet, the droplets form "jewels". The seed pods are one of the most fun things to play ever. You touch them and they explode! I love that. That's where the other name of the plant comes from- Touch me nots.
It's great on poison ivy and if you look at my picture, you'll see how they are usually found next to each other( and notice the daddy long legs, too). We have loads growing in the back yard and I'm going to grab some! My plan is to infuse some in cider vinegar, or maybe I'll do it quicker and boil it, whip it up in the blender, then strain. I'm going to keep some in the fridge to keep it cool and soothing and use it for dabbing and put some in ice cube trays for really bad itches! It's also the best thing I have found for immediate soothing of stinging nettles. I have boiled it in oil and made a salve by straining and adding beeswax, in the past too. One more recipe I just discovered and find interesting is lotion.

Jewel Weed Lotion Infusion Potion-
Boil 1/2 cup of jewelweed in 1 cup water. Strain after about 10 minutes and add to any lotion, as much as will work in. This may only last a couple weeks, unless you add a preservative. Sometimes, I add a vitamin E tablet to preserve.
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