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Fern Leaf fennel
I love this crazy herb, this year it has grown as wild and free as it pleases, almost taller then me, this is one of the herbs my husband doesn't really like, he says it looks like weeds are taking over, but me.. That’s another story, I love that it grows all along my south side of the trailer. Most years the leaves get striped bare from so many caterpillars, but those caterpillars turn into beautiful amazing blue swallow tail butterflies!
among its natural wildness and beauty it also holds magickal powers of protection!

it is said that if you grow fennel around the house, fennel confers protection. You can also hang fennel up at windows and doorways to ward off evil spirits, and repel negative energy. It can also be carried as a protection herb, and used in purifications sachets, and well as healing mixtures.

~ Blessings~

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