Faeriely Odd Witches
Last night I went on a walk down the road and brought my camera along. We walked about a mile to an old quarry. Hidden behind some dirt mounds was a beautiful pond and loads of wild flowers. Today I researched and identified the flowers I saw, then looked up their magickal qualities. It was so interesting! It took some time identifying, but well worth it. I will now go back and gather some. Do you want any? Or should it be like that divination hike....

Toadflax- protection and breaking hexes

Thistle- joy and energy. Leave throughout the room for cleansing

Blackberry- money and protection. Hiding place of the fae

Herb Robert- part of the geranium family. This one I will research more, because it seems so interesting. It's even planted in the "magic" garden section of the medieval gardens of The Cloisters. It's good for love, protection and increases the power of other herbs. It's also known as Dragon Blood red.

Cattail- Lust..... hhhmmmm

Pine- prosperity. Burn for strength and to rid negative energies. The scent will alleviate guilt. Guess what I'm doing tonight:) Isn't this tree gorgeous, it's so soft and almost furry looking. They all were.

Rough Fruited Cinquefoil- eases heart ache and grief. Money, protection, wisdom

Blueberry-protection. This was a very nice find. We munched along the road all the way there!

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